Spotting The African Pitta Is Not A Bed Of Roses


Spotting the African Pitta is the dream of every bird lover. The irony is that it has not been spotted even by listers in the region. The diverse colored feathers that are a combination of turquoise, green, black, light yellow and bright red has given it a rare bird status. This bird has turned into a legendary exclusiveness. With Mozambique turning out to be a safe destination for bird lovers post civil war tourism is picking up. Late November and early December is the right time for bird watchers. Visit Zambezi Delta to view some amazing species. Though there are photographs and documentaries on these rare species nothing can come close to reality.


You can reach central Mozambique from Johannesburg, and this is where you can find these legendary birds. Fly to Port of Beira in the East Africa and then drive down to the Pitta ground. It is the shortest route to spot the Pitta. In the Mount Gorongosa, you can find some amazing bird species that can tempt you to stop around. Once you reach the Zambezi, there is a deep gorge in line with the Victoria Falls. Here you can find forests that are placed on the sea level that forms the Zambezi Delta. It is the best spot for African Pitta. There are other varieties of birds that are exclusive to the region like the Slender Greenbul, East Coast Akalat, Mangrove Kingfisher, White Chested Alethe, etc.

Birders always want more, and they do not seem to be happy with their spots. Green Breasted Pitta is a special bird species that is more legendary than the African Pitta. This is seen in Central and West Africa but again not so common for the tourists. Talk to bird guides if you are looking for specific species. Uganda had the recent history of spotting a Green-breasted Pitta. Thanks to the technology, political calm, and transportation facilities birders can travel into the deep forests to get a glimpse of their favorite birds. The Kibale Forest is the right destination to look out for Green Breasted Pitta. The place can give you some amazing mammal experience as well.

If you can spot this Pitta, you are lucky enough. These Pitta species are not easy to come and it you find one you are blessed. The time and place are paramount to be successful in your endeavor. Sometimes even with the best timing and guides, it may be tough to spot these rare species. A birding tour company can definitely come to your aid. Check out those that have a good reputation and a successful track record of spotting the Pittas. Spotting these legendary birds are challenging, and if you find it, easily there could be no significance attached to it. Take the tough route to spot the world’s most amazing birds ever.