Have Fun With Zambia Touring


Zambia also referred to as the real Africa is considered to be one of the safest country to visit. It is the home for beautiful Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, huge wildlife, variety of birds and pulsating wilderness. Zambia people are very lively and welcoming. You will never feel like you are in a country away firm home. You are surely going to make a few friends over there. The best safari companies are present here. With their help you can enjoy the incredible life of Zambia. It will be really good to get close to such an incredible habitat. This place is also gifted with 17 incredible waterfalls. Flora and fauna is simply blissful in its own way.

The Victoria fall bridge is a magnificent view t look at. Spray of Victoria falls can be seen from nearly a mile away. You can see Victoria falls from air also. It is a great thrill. You will get wing flights and micro lights to enjoy this thrilling experience. The wildlife commonly comprises of lion, leopard, cheetah, hippo, buffalo, elephant, primates, giraffe and many more wildlife species. The bird population estimated to be 740 or more. It is a great thrill for bird lovers. Many photographers find this as one of the best destinations for wildlife photography.

There is a craft village which is the best place to buy memorandums if you like it. You will get some of the most beautiful crafted items in Mukuni Victoria Falls Craft Village. You can find handmade masks, jewellery, walking sticks, drums, carving of stone and wood, etc. Every year in July people over here take part in Lwiindi festival. It is believed over here that the souls of their ancestors reside in the gorges of the fall. They offer sacrifices during this ceremony to them for rain.