Bird Watching Spots In South Africa


More than 10 percent of bird species can be found in South Africa. The climate and terrain of the country have made it an ideal location for avian life. You can find not just birds but many endemic species. Some of the best birding spots in South Africa are listed below. The Mkhuze game reserve is one of the most prominent birding spots in South Africa. It has over 420 different species. The reserve is part of the north western spur of the iSimangaliso, a world heritage site. The place is ideal for bird watching.

Take a walk around the park, the detailing is given on the map. Check out guides that can escort you help you through the park. Dawn is the right time to spot some rare species. There are escorted walks that can take you through the fig forest. You can spot Banded Snake Eagles; Blue-mantled crested-flycatcher,broad-billed roller and more. The walk is just half an hour drive from the camp, and you can finish it in about 2 hours time.

Find a wide variety of terrains including savannah, grassland, riverine forest and rocky cliffs among others. You can also find some rare sand forest. Bird watching is very easy as the park has some excellent network of roads. Some of the rare species to look out for in Mkhuze game reserve includes Fishing owl, southern banded snake eagle, neegaard’s Sunbird and pink throated twinspot.

The Kruger National Park has over 500 species of birds, and many are endemic. There is a broad range of habitats in the park. The tropical species are found in the southernmost range, and the northern range finds southern African birds. Over 20% of these species are considered to be rare and are distributed limitedly. There are some birds that are seasonal while others are exclusive to the region. Visit the park between October and March. It is the time you can find migrant species.

iSimangaliso Wetland Park is the former Greater St Lucia Wetland Park. There are over 530 species among them find over 20,000 greater flamingoes, also find 40,000 Lesser Flamingos. There are many water birds as well. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens are located on the slopes of Table Mountain, and it is a tourist spot in Western Cape. It is known for its fynbos plants. The place has some endemic forest birds as well. Pelagic Birding is on the south-western Cape coastline and has best Pelagic birding. The Benguela current brings nutrients that attract fish, and the birds come to hunt on them.